Sunday, October 23, 2016


My trap buddy went down to Cabo for a week looking for marlin.
So my Sunday is free and I have elected to kick back, no reading of news, no NFL, maybe finish a good book, maybe a long nap.

At my local fun store they have a loaded DPMS AR10 for a price cheaper than a build.
As I load and shoot a lot of .308 this could work.
Had a 10-22 screw up and sent it to Ruger in NH [$28].
Got it back in a week [no charge(6 years old)], good service.
Did I mention nap?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I know this pisses off both of you but especially me, Blogger and/or google dicked up the blog..again.
If it is still fracked up, lemme know, K.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Git home truck kit

Some blogger, I think George at Mad Ogre, did a post about a backpack.
I ordered one from Amazon for around $35.
On my F-250 there is a cross bed tool box from before I retired from pushin' construction projects.
In the main compartment of the pack is a poncho,
3-space blankets
3- pair of socks
2- pair of underpants
1-filter straw
3-bottles of water
and room left over.
Second compartment has #1 med kit (gun shot, lost limb, etc.)
1-roll of tp, flattened
3-packs of kleenex
1- #2 med kit ( booboos, owies, etc.).
Third compartment;
1-Garmin GPS w/extra batts
1- GI compass
1- cheap GPS
5-zip lock bags
1-box wp matches
2-small led flashlights w/extra batts.
In the fifth compartment;
3-Top Ramen
3-power bars
4-packs of instant coffee
3- 50' of 550 cord
1- small bottle of diesel, (good fire starter)
5-beef bullion cubes
salt, pepper, handiwipes, Motrin.
On the outside is a canteen w/cup and a K-Bar.
All of this is in that pack with a little room left over and weighs 15 pounds.

In the truck box is a 10'x8' tarp, tools, large spool of 550 cord, 50' of 3/8" rope, a sleeping bag, 1gal can of diesel, a case of water and an AR 5.556 w/4 mags*.
(*Only on a planned trip to the sticks)
If that won't get me home, I'm jackin' the next guy by.

The pack will be replicated for her towncar which has a bitchin' area under a lift lid in the trunk.

Firearm is my EDC, usually a 1911 and two mags.