Saturday, October 31, 2020


 Polls opened at 9am, stood in line for 20 minutes, in and out in 10. Not bad at all.

Paper ballot in case 'the system is down'.

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 I don't like communism and I don't wanna speak Chinese

I don’t care for globalization and I don't like the Middle East
Don’t give me that time's a changin' line of crap
I want my old America back
I miss the days of the pledge in school
And God on the dollar bill
Keep the screen door wide open all night long
Not worried about gettin' killed
And twenty bucks could buy me a tank of gas
I want my old America back

What happened to the pledge in school
They took God out too, man that ain't cool
United we stood, and divided we fell
If we don't bring it back now, then we're headed for hell
See gas is to high, we can't find no jobs
And them government crooks steady steal and rob
Tryin' take my guns, good luck with that
We're mounted up baby
'Bout to bring old America back

I say we keep the jobs at home and quit shippin' them overseas
Don't worry about foreign folks, let's worry 'bout you and me
And get our boys the hell out of Iraq
Let's have our old America back

I remember leavin' doors open all night
I remember bein' cool to have a fist fight
I remember sayin' prayers in school
I remember teachers teachin' us the golden rule
I remember 20 dollars fillin' up my tank
I remember when we used to even trust our banks
I remember when our president was born on our land
Let's take old America back
Baby that's the plan

Lord, shine your light upon this land I love
On the stars and stripes
On the stars and stripes
Lord, shine your light upon this land I love
On the stars and stripes
On the stars and stripes mes)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Range time

 The temps are down into the 80s, the wind has blown most of the smoke away, and most of the rifles have had optics swapped around.

Since I don't have a clue about where they zero, it's time.

I'll drag a couple ARs, a bull/ Timney 10-22, and a Savage .308 out of the safe and I'll  try to get somewhere close to what I'm aiming at.

Both ARs have new Timney triggers that havent fired a round yet.

Hate burning valuable ammo pokin' holes in paper, but it's gotta get done, else I gotta buncha clubs.