Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reloading boolits an' chot

Sorry 'bout the pic.

I like Berger at around 2550fps.

Gonna try them for the first time.

Some of my Lapua brass has got some miles on them so I looked up Midway and they want $.75 a piece. Are you chitin'me!!!?
Oh well, could be worse, Kali wants us to register and buy a permit for ammo soon.
Gotta stock up on components....sigh.
Y'all be safe.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Clay shooting

Been shooting a lot of trap lately.
Normally, if I'm using Federal 1 1/8, 7 1/2 loads I run around 69 or 70 out of 75.
I drug out the MEC 600 and reloaded four boxes of AA hulls with 17.4 grs of Red Dot and 1 1/8 of 7 1/2 shot. Big difference.
First round last Sunday was 25/25, second was 24/25, third was 24/25 fourth was 23/25 and that was blamed on my having to yell at the speaker on station four three times to get a bird. I know, lousy excuse.
Oh well, I don't feel too bad as I beat a guy on the first round that is a state champ shooting a $$$ Parazzi against me, an old blind geezer shooting a Citori thats seen better days...both of us.

Y'all be safe, shoot straight, hug your kids, and turn off the news for awhile.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

New year

Nice and quiet here. That will change soon as as all of the idjits start poppin' caps in the air around midnight.
Raining, but if it stops by morning we will shoot a little trap at Kingsberg tomorrow.

Y'all have a safe celebration or whatever. Remember, there will be a lot of amatures  out on the roads.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We hope everyone had a nice holiday.
It was nice and quiet here although we did miss seeing the kids.
I made the bride some dinner, got her comfy and took one of the boys and a grandson out to dinner.

Finally picked up a semi shottie for 3-gun. A Mossy 930 with an extended mag.
Big trouble is how are we to have a 3-gun with the new Kali rules.
I'm fairly certain pulling the pin, opening the upper, and loading ten rounds is gonna play hell with the clock....sigh.
Not to skip the danger of unloading the rifle. Love this state.

Y'all have a good year and say one for us.