Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A little pistol time

It's been way too long since I've been on the short range.
Took my edc Kimber .45, CZ 75, S&W 686, and the damn Ruger MK lll.

Shot all white box 230 ball, 115fmj, 130fmj, and mini-mags from the 30ft marker.

The middle is 16 rounds .45.
The left is .38spl double action.
The right is 26 rounds of 9mm.
The bottom right is .22lr.

All were 1 second per shot or faster.
The .38s are all over as I still haven't figured out the front sight.

I need to hit the pistol ranges a lot more often.
Did I mention I hate the MKlll? Every trip is malf day.

Three Gun next Saturday.

Take a newbe shootin'.


  1. Sorry to hear your MKIII is malfing on you. And I find if I don't go to the range regularly, my trigger control is 'lacking'... sigh

    1. With all of your writing projects I can understand no time for range trips.

  2. Looks like a MK I to me. Seriously. First handgun
    I ever fired, 56 years ago. My sister has that firearm now. I found one with a 6 inch barrel some years ago. Total reliability.