Sunday, March 15, 2020


I have a Mossberg 930 as a backup and a 3-gun shottie.
As I was getting everything ready for the range I noticed the safety was broken. Put it on safe, pull the trigger, CLICK.
I took it to my 'smith and he called me back next day and said to send it to Mossberg as the stock has to be removed and to do that the oneway screw holding the selector on would get butchered.
He gave me a shipping box, I shelled out $47 to Fedex, and I get an email from Mossy telling me six to eight weeks. WTF?
Is that normal?
I have sent pistols to Ruger And got them fixed and back to me in a week.


  1. I have a trouble ticket in to Marlin for my new 1894CB in .38 SPL/.357 MAG for trouble loading the magazine. Pointy rounds like Hornady Leverevolution feed with no issues. Flatter topped cartridges like Federal's American Eagle hang up on the opposite side of the receiver at the mouth of the tubular magazine, unless I am mindful to push them in at a shallow angle. The old Marlin was very good at customer service, let's see how the Remington version is.

    1. Called RemLin (Marlin owned by Remington) and followed up to my trouble report. They sent me a prepaid FEDEX Ground label and it went out today. Hopefully they smooth out whatever is causing the rounds to hang up on the mouth of the magazine.