Saturday, June 16, 2018

To the coast

101degrees at the hooch yesterday, and the bug guy said "ya gotta leave for 4 hours".
Sounded like a nice excuse to drive over to the coast for the day.
Went through a few tasting rooms in the wine country, around Paso Robles. Nothing clicked, not a big wine snob.
As soon as you drop over the coastal range the temp drops 50 degrees into an overcast sky.

Turned north at scenic highway 1, up to a little past Hearst Castle to watch Elephant Seals lay around like the rest of the Kali bums..heh.
Went back through Cambria, a little yuppy town full of Birkenstock people and Prius'.
I don't think they approved of my F-250 diesel, NRA hat, and gun club t-shirt. Oh well.
Nice little trip and the ants are gone. Win,win.

Take a kid, or newbe shootin'. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Maki'n Boolits

Been awhile since I sat down at the loading bench.
I'm thinking Tuesday, after the crowd has gone, would be a good time to visit the range.
I had a new box of Nosler 155gr hpbt on  the shelf, so I whipped up a 100.

New Fed brass @ 2.005"
Win LR primers
43.2gr of Varget
2.81" OAL
Should work.

Tomorrow is 5stand trap then clean a buncha guns...sigh.

Take a kid shootin'.
Look up, salute, and tell them thanks.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Got bored today, so I decided to see what was on the other side of the mountain.
Drove west to see if a bridge project I was involved with back in the day, was still is.
Stopped in Cholame for lunch and to admire the décor which consists of celebrating James Dean, as he was killed about a half mile away.
I was 12 when that happened and he was, like Elvis, our idol.
Took a side road to Parkfield (elev. 1550', pop. 11), and on up the mountain.
Soon after I left town the pavement quit and it was single lane dirt road for the next 30+ miles.
Nice views though.
That line through the picture is the San Andréas Fault. Parkfield is the home of a gazillion earthquakes a year.
All in all it was a nice day. 5 hours to go 160 miles and home in time to mount a new scope and take a nap.

Take a kid shootin'. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

1st 3-gun

Grandaughter's third shooting, and she tried 3-gun at Lemoore Sportsmans Club.

Alesha, Steven, yours truly.
She did well with the rifle, offhand, at 80yds.
Loved the gauge.
Pistol, needs work. A lot of work.
Her boyfriend, Steven, cut his score in half on the second round. Gonna be a shooter.
Fun day.

Take a kid shootin'.