Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

 2020 was a shit show, but most of us made it through.

2021 doesn't look all that good either...sigh.

Enemies are seeing us about to change leadership to one that they think will be a lot easier to push around, hence the sword rattling.

The chinkflu has us afraid of ourselves.

A whole country full of kids are not getting an education.

 DC is in shambles, split between communists and cowards.


My few things I'm happy about is sometime in June I'll become a great grandpa, (bout time Alesha ;) ).

I think Trump will be re elected and a lot of orange jumpsuits will be issued.

So far, my health is holding up. Not bad for 77.

The kids are doing good.

My shooting has fallen off a lot due to ammo but I have enough reloading stuff to keep my hand in.

9pm is a good time for a little sippin' outa that jug of 12 year old up in that cupboard.

Y'all try an' make the new year a good one.



  1. Happy New Year yer own self there sir.
    I have confidence 2021 will shape up to be a whole lot better. If it doesn't, it'll certainly be time to unleash some serious patriotic discipline!

  2. Happy New Year, and best wishes for a BETTER 2021 for us all!

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