Monday, September 29, 2014


Took a 7mm Mauser (very sporterized), a Savage 10, and my tricked 10-22 to the range Saturday.
The seven was minute of deer, the 10 cloverleafet three out of five, and the 10-22 made me proud at fifty.
Lady in the next bay was doing well with a AR15 in pink. I asked her .."Why pink?". She said "So my son won't take it". Make sense to me.
Sunday shootin' buddy and I trucked over to Kingsberg for trap. I know, whoda thunkit, but it was kinda cold and WET!!. ( We haven't had a sprinkle in months). Still, the birds were easy to see and I went 25/25 for two rounds from the 16 and 23 from the 23.
Was home before she woke up, and have a lot of iron to clean....sigh.
Tomorrow is pistol morning. Carry at the walkup for point drills. CZ 75.
Thirty feet with 686, .45acp, and Smif 9mm. Maybe the MK111.

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  1. Envy!!! I can't hit the barn from inside with a shotty on trap... sigh...