Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coulda went to 7gr...

At 25 yds the 6gr Unique loads were not what what I was expecting.
At 7grs I've had better. But then again if in a smell breath situation, I would not be amiss pulling the trigger 9 times and bitch slapping sumdood with a 1911 in the temple.

My Spyderco is clipped on my reload (weakhand) side to give me two hands of options.
' Sides my tip money is in my left pocket.
I'm a lefty and in the truck I have to stash the Fugly (Dennis) 'tween the seat and the center thingy, kinda of  a crossdraw deal.
Getting out of the truck is kinda tricky remounting the holster and gat but is doable.

I had a leo ask me if I was packing the other day.
I asked "Why are you asking?"
He said "You are printing, and I was wondering".
I told him it was a life saving device...with a grin.
He said " Be a little cooler".
Maybe I need looser shirts.

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  1. Loose shirts work... LOL Or a different workout regime! :-)