Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scotch and airlines

For most of my working life I got home from work on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon.
As I did construction management the, sites of the scales I did, were all over the country.

When the cart came down the isle they would ask and I would be offered one of two scotches.
J&B would be mostly in stock, so OK.
For a year on the same flights the crew gets to know you by your first name and wants.
Skip and J&B was a given.
At the hotel I would meet up with the senior crew and a have a pop or two and order J&B.
The purists would bust my ass about my choice and push a single malt at me and it would be OK but my tastebuds were  what they were.

Years later, I owned the company, made a little money, and tried to be a connoisseur.
Didn't work. I could order you a fine single malt at $20 a shot, but I would order an airline scotch.

More years later, after I retired and for a long time , except for beer, not drank at all, I was at a retirement party for a longtime board member of one  the gun clubs I'm on and we / I had a taste or four of Maker's Mark.
They had to drive me home.
Good booz.
Did that at nightime for awhile until I found, at a pool party, a nice sour mash called Even Williams.

The  twenty years of airline miles went to the company, the J&B was on them.

As we live in Kal, we at one time were wine snobs. Napa, west coast, ,whatever, we bought cases of good years.
The best (at$125 a bottle) was a Merlot from Napa in '97.
Now, just a coupla beers til the sun sets and a snort or two after she is asleep and I'm typing this drivel.


  1. Lately I find that trying to discern between wine varietals is a waste of time, and I enjoy more blended reds and whites instead of getting all snooty on a specific type or vintage.
    Have never been able to drink much whiskey or scotch - I tried seriously, but could never quite develop the taste for it. Beer for me mainly, or some jug wine.

  2. If it works, it ain't wrong... Just sayin... :-)