Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3;15 in the morning

Sicker than a rat with this shit that's sweeping the country.
The doc told me two weeks to get over it, fuck that. I have to be there for the bride.
He said I'll give you a shot to speed it up, gimme.
The nurse said this might smart 'cause it's a #3 and the stuff is intense, Gimme.
Fuck that hurt!
All the way home, till you walk it off.

Brown truck of happiness dropped off some neat stuff today. 5.56 ammo, red dot sights .

Maybe a little glass of Maker's will get me off the laptop and back into the rack, we shall see.
Y'all be safe out there. 


  1. Ow!!! Sorry to hear that! Hope you get better soonest!

  2. We stayed away from crowds as much as we could, but no thanks to the flu shot that may or may no even work!