Friday, December 5, 2014

Gonna take the train anyway

The doc in SF said he wants to see her in 6 months as he is not concerned at what he sees.
So, for a Christmas present she wants to take the trip across country anyway.
I'm cool witdat. From here in Hanford, CA to LA to Texas and a side trip up to Cedar Park to see the kids to LA to see her bro to Fla. to see her grankid to wherever.
I should maybe get a job at Amtrac for the discount.
Any bloggers on our rout that need an all expense paid medium rare steak, lemme know.
The sleeper with wheelchair access and a head is only one car per certain trains so there is going to be some hokying around. Not gonna be cheap, but hey, it's for her. 
Me, lucky to get approved to have Santa bring a AR10...sigh.


  1. Travel safe and enjoy the trip! You'll get a chance not many have to see the country from a totally different perspective!

  2. Trains are a whole 'nother world, but you probably know that already - and they don't ever come-in on time except in Switzerland. Which is OK, weather should make a difference that electrons don't. Sounds like a Grand Tour, enjoy every minute - and the AR10 is Santa's Best.