Monday, December 15, 2014


Yesterday I won shooting buddies dollar.
At Tulare County Trap Club I shot well for a change.
Handloads- AA hulls, 209 primers, 17.4gr of Reddot under AA equivalent wads, 11/8 of 7.5.
With the Citori you want to shoot under on a straight away as o/u will shoot high.
Swing through rights and lefts and pull the trigger as it just passes the bird.
Towncar again. I think I've spoiled the man. We can actually hear each other discuss world politics, women, money, health, but mostly guns. ( As apposed to   the Super Duty).
Y'all have a good week.


  1. Nice! Glad you got some range time!

  2. Got the Bayonet on my Mossberg 590, not sure if that works with clays and stuff, I've never shot clays and stuff- don't even know how, guess I need a coach or something...who likes bayonets.

  3. Only rifle I have that will take a blade is a 8mm Mauser.

  4. Most of my stuff is US Milsurp and each has a bayonet lug. It's a side-collection. Should not have sold the M1 Carbine however, may have to sell an AR and get another one. :-)