Wednesday, April 8, 2015


If you or I were negotiating like these feckless fools, we would own the joint in two hands.
I guess the people walking around with their nose in an ipad, supplied by the gubmint, who voted for these jerks think feeelings will cure all the worlds ills. They hate those terrible people who don't like queers, self defense, dope, and in our area water for people over a two inch fish.
Gov Moonbeam wants us to pay for a $90 billion train to nowhere and jack us up if we take a shower too long.
Slick Willies 'ol lady handed over all our secrets, was trying to figger out a Blackberry while four guys died waiting on her response, has less class or ethics than a sistah down on MLK at three in the morning.
We may seem, rightly so, to be in deep kimchi but there are a few of us still around that won't let it get too far. Used to be called the Silent Majority, more so now called Patriots or Vets or 'terrorists'.

I need a drink.....


  1. I was in SoCal last week, I wonder where y'all are going to get water! Steal it from Colorado??? And I wonder if SFO will actually conserve...

  2. SoCal really is a different Water District from NorCal and MidCal... Don't they already steal it from Colorado?