Saturday, May 2, 2015

An afternoon in the shop

Installed a magazine extension on the 870 for an increase of 2 3/4" shells from 5 to 10.
I know working the trombone is a handicap at 3-gun, but I don't play that much to buy a semi.

Loaded 200 200gr swc Rainiers over 6.3 of Unique, 100 357 158gr Sierras over 13.5 of 2400, and 100 168gr VLD Match Bergers over 43gr of Varget in new Lapua cases.
All of my books say OAL of 2.80". I set them out to 2.95" as my Savage 10 has a 3" throat.
A new two point sling for the poodle shooter arrived but no way was I going start tearing the M&P15 apart to install sling studs....sigh. Ya git what ya pay for.

Purchased Peter's and Marko's and Brigid's books and waiting for Old NFO to birth his.

92 here today and not a drop of rain in the forecast.