Friday, July 24, 2015

Range time

Practiced for an upcoming 3-gun on the first.
One stage is flop down to prone, shoot under a table, jump up, chuck the rifle into the barrel, grab the shottie and shoot 8 clays. Riiight.
You ever see a geezer flop down and jump up? Me either.
Five minutes to get down and an hour to climb back to my sore feet. I'm too old for this shit.
All I accomplished was to zero the red dot and scope. Offhand rifle was ok as was the .45.
Need some work on the 18.5" shotgun process as I'm used to a 30" over/under trap gun...sigh.
Some asshole shot the range cat last week.
Time to spend some serious money on cameras/recorders.
97 but dry here in the


  1. We're wet, 90's too. Shoot well.

  2. Hobbling around on a twisted knee... At least you got to the range! And running a tac shotty IS quite a bit different from a trap gun!