Saturday, September 19, 2015

Farmer Frank

I admired the man I never met but came close.
When he came out to California to help his son I was on the way to San Diego and tried to hook up in L.A. but alas, didn't work out.
Liked his no bs writing style, his expertise on a lot of things, his dislike for the way small town school districts were treated, his fondness of open wheel racing (till the recent sameness ( Honda), his farming stories and photos, the honest reviews and opinions of gun related stuff, etc., etc.
As we are in ag country, raced open wheel as a young man, hunting and fishing, hard work all of our lives, he and a lot of us that read him were kindred spirits.
As I go back over his blog posts I miss the man I never met.
Go with God Frank.

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  1. Frank never hid his feelings about that school district! :-) He was an old school gentleman, and will be sorely missed.