Friday, July 21, 2017

A change in topic

As an old geezer, I am mostly not into politics. Will not be around to see the end of our republic as I knew it.

Since the Bride went Home, I feel like I can't hurt her if I get on another list.
When they stack up around the hooch, I'll get a few before they put me down but she will know I tried.
If you follow the web or news at all, you know that we are not going to turn it around.
Defeatist...maybe. the end.
I took a solemn oath 57 years ago and it has not expired.

The headlines are all wrong. They fill the world with opinion so slanted to gays, illegals, thugs, issis, etc.,etc. it makes one lose hope.
The progressives have changed laws to make what used to be felonies to 'let 'em go'.
Schools are mandated to brainwash kids about sex, sharia, math that doesn't work, 'feelings', everyone gets a trophy, and being white is wrong.
The vets are screwed, the armed forces can't fly, float, or shoot who needs it and they all have to ignore the chick in the men's head/latrine.
The first, second, tenth, fourth, Amendments to the Constitution are being ignored or flaunted to no repercussions.
The majority of the politicos we sent to the state houses and DC are ignoring us in order to keep in a nice corner office and close the doors behind a friendly lobbyist, who will hook him up with another one  who will assure our guy that his watered down bill will have enough support if he would only, (fill in the blank).

Guns and I have been friends for a long time.
In the hooch, (which have no children or democrat visitors) there is a firearm in every room, including the mens room.
Been a shooter since my first BBgun at 7 or eight.
I have scuba dived, flown aircraft, raced motorcycles and cars, spelunked, sailed, and seen the world.
My golf game sucks, but damn, I like to see all of my bullet holes in one hole.
I carry all of my waking hours a 1911 Kimber in .45 caliber. I train, practice, and my awareness of my surroundings are always on tap.

That I live in California, I see it as a micro picture of the future of this country.
Oregon, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, a number of other states of this republic are listening to, and learning, from California.
This is not good.

You know, if both of you who are reading this, take a second and think what will you be ready to do when THEY come.
Shoot, or give up.
One way will save us. The other will enslave us.
I have made my call...with her blessing.


  1. You're not alone in this thought, Skip, I'd stand beside ya if I was there.

    If you have the opportunity to get out of cali, I'd say do it, you would find friends up north.

    Be Blessed.

  2. Hey Skip;

    I followed the linke from OldNFO's blog. you are not alone. Many believe as you do and we will not gon into the long goodnight by ourselves. When the forces of evil have fear going into somebody's house because they will not know how many will survive the encounter, it will show how toothless the leftist directives are. I am paraphrasing Alexander Solzhenitsyn during the Stalin purges in the 1930's

  3. Skip - with the many trips west on long weekends to check on Dad, I've not been reading blogs. I'm beyond saddened to hear your have lost your Bride, but joyous she is with her God, as I will be someday as well. People ask why I don't move West to be near Dad and as much as I love him I just can't Granted Chicago is no picnic but despite the local government the citizenry is not near as liberal as you think. I live in a working class village where there are a lot of American flags flown and though you occasionally hear a little Polish, everyone is hard working and proud to be an