Saturday, April 28, 2018

Back to the range

My granddaughter wanted to shoot a 3-gun match next weekend.
This is the one that shot any gun for the first time last week.
We started on the walk-up 25yd and she fired the 9mm at around 15yds.
It was cold and windy so I loaned her a hunting vest, and a gun belt, and a kydex holster, and mag carriers. 
I don't think I'll get 'm back...sigh.
Started slow, then as fast as she could, including reloads. She went through 200 rounds pretty quick.

On to the rifle.
Both eyes open, dot on target, pull with the first pad straight back, tight to your shoulder.
I had forgotten to extend the stock but it seem to fit her.
Not gonna win a stage, but she got pretty fast on target.
She burned about another 200 rounds.

On to the shotgun.
I think she likes it.
Reloads were a problem.
Another 50 rounds downrange. This girl better start reloading.

Overall, I'm right proud of the young lady for taking an interest and wanting to get better.
Next weekend will entertaining to say the least, but I think she will have fun. I know I will.

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  1. Looking forward to the AAR, and time to start buying ammo in bulk... :-)