Monday, December 31, 2018

New Shooter

I went to our local indoor range this morning to shake the rust off.
In the next stall was a young lady with her dad and husband.
As I looked over at their target (7-8yds) I could see it looked more like a pattern, all over the paper and she was kinda left out of the rotation.
I invited her to try my Kimber and she looked at her husband, who nodded OK.
I asked her a few questions about the four rules and she answered them right.
I loaded and handed her the gun with the slide locked back and she did not know how to release it or where the safety was. We went over the functions and some tips on correcting her stance, grip, and sight picture.
Ran a target out to 10-12 yds and she pushed the first mag to the left, but in a nice group.
We corrected her jerk and finger pad as I watched if she was flinching.
Next mag were all in the head nice and tight.
Out to 15yds, still in the head.
Tried the CZ-75 and they were all in the black.
I think we have a shooter.


  1. Awesome of you to take the time to teach, and her to listen & learn.

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