Monday, May 20, 2019

CCW renew

New rules state that you have to qualify with every gun on your permit.
Guess who had his head in his arse and didn't bring holsters..yeah that guy.
Thinking it was all "Low ready, Shoot", I was not ready for "Man with a knife, draw and two shots".
Borrowed a kydex holster for the CZ, right handed of course, as Mom made me lefty...sigh.
Luckily, we shot fifty rounds on the first gun, and only twelve each on the others.
So I got the pretend draw down. I got that goin' for me.

Take a kid shootin'.


  1. Wow, THAT could get expensive...

  2. Yeah, if you have 10 on your permit and so do others.
    It could take all day and a bunch of ammo.

  3. In RB I was only allowed 2 on my permit, and had to fork over for the class and sign off on each one "separately".

  4. Some agencies say no iwb holsters only belt ones