Sunday, April 13, 2014


If ya take a close look at the laws of our country, and as a republic we are a nation of laws. If the fedguv tells me I owe some money on something they don't own,  and I have been paying the state, WTF?
Get off my lawn!
'Sides, ex post facto.
And if you are coming onto my land and killing endangered critters cause you don't have the budget to do it right, but don't want the hippies or peta to know, well shhhhh.
A lotta folks spent time and money to back the drones off for a bit.
Maybe we are waking up to the red line in the sand. I hope.

If I was the guys on the sniper scopes I would be wondering, why!

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  1. There are a bunch of sides on this one... And I'm not sure we will evar get the real truth...