Friday, May 23, 2014


I gotta give a shoutout about Ruger's shop.

I fracked up my MK111 big time. I installed the Majestic strip kit (dumb) and it would not feed or eject, basicly a doorstop or parts gun.
After staring at my failure for a coupla months I called Ruger and swallowed my pride and told the very nice lady who answered what I did and she was so cool.
She said ship it and we'll fix it.
Two days, TWO DAYS, later I get a call," your gun is done".
The smith said he champherd here and there, polished the ramp, tweaked the ejector, and certified it functioned to spec.
I asked "how much"? He said "no charge".
When I called Kimber on an issue, it was like "we dont't care, send us some money".
I think I lurve Ruger.

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