Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Santa Barbarbra

So some mommies boy couldn't afford a coupla Bengies for a 'escort', was off his meds, got shot down in high school, lied on the 4473, utubed a 'look at me' shit, and took advantage of some folks that not one was packin' to answer , and dicks want to 'do something?

How about the 'system' work a little harder than "Hey it's end of shift, we're outa here".
Every asshole that's wringing their hands in front cameras of and microphones should just STFU.
Go fix Detroit, Chi town, Philly, any city with more than  47% suckin' the tit.

Where I live, after the first observed threat, nineteen carries would have unloaded on his ass.
Big diff from a deli in a college town (no guns) and America.

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  1. If it'd been Chiraq, it wouldn't even have raised an eyebrow...