Monday, June 16, 2014


I made a bunch of .38spl hand loads for a buddy that work really well in his Smiff.
He stopped by today to pay me in 2 750 l jugs of Evan Williams bourbon.
We sat on the patio and cracked one for quality, or sumpin. It was a nice day, c'mon.
For bottom shelf wiky (half the price of JD or Maker's) it went down pretty smooth.
Much as I like a finger or three after she is secured for the night, this hooch may save me some dough and get me where I need to be at bedtime.
Life's a bitch, wear a helmet or erase the blackboard.
Y'all have a nice day t'morrow, I'll be at the range.


  1. I love a few fingers of whiskey myself, on the rare occasion that nothing is planned for the next day.

  2. Envy!!! I'll be slaving over a hot computer... sigh

  3. A little bourbon and time with a friend is always good.