Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rollin' my own

'Twas too hot today to poke holes in paper.
The loading bench is in a cool dry place with an electric radio for to listen to the ball game and make boolits.
Made 200 200gr swc .45acp on top of 6gr of Unique, 200 158gr fmj .357 over 15gr of 2400 and 50 rounds of .308 (Lapua twice fired brass, Win. lr primers, 41.4gr Varget, 168 Berger match.
My team lost, ammo is boxed, the grocery store has most of my pocket money, I've got din din done, the Bride is happy, (y'all know "When Momma's happy, everbody's happy".)
Not a bad day, all told.
Hope you dads out there have a nice visit or phone call.


  1. You have Unique?!?

    I've had an 8lb. keg on order since last September, and still no idea when (or if) I'll ever see it. I'm down to about 4oz of it now, if that.

  2. Can't win em all, but putting bullets on the shelf is a GOOD thing! :-)