Monday, June 23, 2014

Shooting, quing, kikin' back

Trap shooting this morning took us to Kingsberg, oops, state shoot this week.
Trucked on down to Tulare Trap Club and shot one from the 16, one from the 23, and two from the 27.
Not bad, won the dollar from shootin' buddy.
Last Tuesday I took a tricked 10/22 to Lemoore and got it dialed in at 50 yards. Held over 4 inches at 100 and it looked good.
Then I had a kaboom!
With earpro on and a string of rapid fire it is hard to feel the squib before you pull the trigger on the next one.
Took it home and pulled it apart. Never did find the second bullet but the squib was halfway up the barrel.
All looks good to go. Cleaned, lubed, all mags emptied of Remington and reloaded with CCI.
Did I mention that ammo QC is down?

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  1. Yeah, you're NOT the first one to comment on that... Sunday I heard somebody had multiple problems with 9mm, don't know the mfgr or whether it was a gun issue... I tried some Wolf .22 and ended up giving most of a box away. That stuff just doesn't work in a Ruger Mk III