Saturday, July 26, 2014

Been awhile...sorry

The bride and I have been slogging through docs,pt's, ot's, imaging, vascular, all kinda shit.
She is still trapped and I got her back. Me, I woulda swallowed a 230 two years ago. She has more guts than I ever had.

Gunny stuff, not much. Still loading but as you know powder is getting critical, primers too.
Still have a lady come by once a week to let me go the the club and keep my hand in. One week rifles, next week pistols.
As for prepping, as we live in a condo storage is limited. Maybe a month.
At our age it would take that long to kiss and say "Goodbye kid".


  1. Since we moved I haven't found a club, and also have not revved-up the big red press... My bride always seems to have another chore for me!
    Meanwhile the summer water storage has turned brown and smelly, so we're dumping it on the outside plants to keep them green.