Monday, August 4, 2014

Looking back

In bootcamp ('61) we were taught to shoot an M2 carbine and a an old Colt .45.
Just before I left the service in '66 we were still shooting the Colt .45.
Shirt would grab one out of the rack, shake it to show how loose it was and one handed drill the black at 25 yds.
We got cert'ed if we hit anything but the berm....sigh.
Rifles were at 200yds over irons which were not a problem at 22 years old.
Now, I'm pissed if I have a flyer at 50 outa my Kimber and with a rifle  one inch dot at a hundred (albeit with decent glass)  from the bench.
Looking back, being full of piss and vinegar compared to old and slow, if it comes to it, I'll take the shot today.
As to sitawar when you are a geezer it is hard just watch just your step, but I kinda do the 360, windows, shadows, sounds stuff.
As I am a southpaw, the car/truck carry is a no starter, so I tuck a 9 in a Fugly (Dragon) 'tween the seat and consul.

At home we are not without reach of something.
As she is an invalid and I am sometimes not at home, I have under her pillow a S&W 5904 on decock.
She has the strength pull the heavy single (we dry fire).
The lady who stands in for me when I'm absent and helps her with PT is also a shooter and knows where the rest are. 
Sucks to be old, but I did go straight on fifty trap this morning, so it wasn't all bad.
Have a nice week!

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  1. My week has been spent doing demolition in the basement...and now I'm paying for it! Still need to find a CMP club and hook back into shooting.