Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cleaning iron

She is asleep I sneak out to the shop and do some chores.
Three rifles, a Citori, four pistols, and load the tumbler...sigh.
The shotty doesn't take a lot. A wipe down, a coupla bore snakes, good to go.
The sniper needs TLC and got it. The game gun got everything 'cept a bolt teardown.
The rimfires were a pain but they are good.
Pistoles..the Kimber Gold Match is my baby and gets TLC first.
The S&W 686 got opened, inspected, cleaned ( specially the crane) , the CZ got the treatment as did the 5904.
The Mark 111, not so much since it is late and who cares.
Tommorrow is reloading day, the weather is nice, scored some powder, brass is clean, good to go.

As far as prepping goes, we bought five clean 5 gal buckets with lids at HD and stuffed ten pound bags of beans and rice and other dry stuff in 'em.
There is a spring fed pond out back (although dirty) so the water filters prolly need an uptic.
The genset is cool. The meds are up to date, shelter and comfort is ready, tribe in the gated group are on board, ( we have set up a pool party meeting as to who is on board and with what)
Most of of the folks around here are F-18 drivers and know what's up. Kool kids.
Fuel is ok. Comms are on, she has hers, I have our back, .......bring it!

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