Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sour mash

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had tried Even Williams instead of my normal Maker's Mark.
I have changed..for the better.. and the price.
As smooth, half the price, same quality, good for what you need to get the world off yer back.
Dems, Bloomie, Moonbeam, Putie, Jihad John, the lack of gun powder, ...shit, I could go on for an hour.
A man needs a snort to look at the world with one eye sometimes.
Y'all have a nice weekend now. y'hear.


  1. There are days like that. $22,000 for my Dad's care for the last 4 months, a whole new fence for him and now I've been advised I'm picking up the tab for the entire family, grandkids and all to rent suites at the coast for a vacation to see him, because "well you make so much money". I love my Dad but he thinks my income makes me a millionaire when it barely covers his nursing care.

    Sigh. Fortunately, the book has at least broken even so I'm not in the hole for that project (profit would be nice though), he is happy, and a friend send me a bottle of 18 year old scotch and some antique reloading supplies which are really cool. So life is good, Scotch made it better though.

  2. I thought retirement would be relaxing. I did so much yardwork this weekend I have a whole-body Charley-horse. Ow, pass the liquor!

  3. I did... NO interwebz, no email, just good friends, good food and range time!