Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nice Sunday

Early this morning I picked up shooting buddy for breakfast(on him as I provide the fuel),
Drove 17 miles to Kingsberg for trap (so-so), made lunch for the bride, turned on the telly only to find out my Chargers lost by a field goal..sigh.
Watched Manning do his magic, made a nice dinner for her and as she was comfortable, went to the loading bench and loaded 200 rounds of .357 mag. 158gr XTP over 13.5gr of Unique.
Cooling off at night a little, high 60's.
Nice weekend.


  1. Flew to Japan, now upside down on the body clock, and trying to stay awake in meetings... ENVY you...

  2. Just life at home with the aches and pains of too much yardwork...