Sunday, October 19, 2014

Y'know, I'm thinking it's looking up

All of the screwups of the last six years, the mishandling of everything obama has touched, pelosi being as brain dead as biden and kerry, the gunnies winning across the land, the dems backing off of the kingputt, we have a good chance of putting the train back on the tracks.
If fraud isn't as bad as it has been, we might have a chance.
When I went to my first Tparty rally at city hall I thought "Hey, I'm not alone out here".
Since then we have '10, got a lot of folks in power, msm has had to wake up,(some), bloomie has chucked a lot of bucks in the shitter, Rush and Beck are winning and growing, bloggers are the msm now.
I'm not afraid of November 4th.

But where in the hell is .22lr??

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  1. .22 is coming back slowly... VERY slowly... sigh