Thursday, October 16, 2014

Allrighty then

The Giants won, I shot 25 straight at trap, she had a MRI today, the electric bill was a lot lower this month, (after I chucked the garage beer refer in the dump) , weather is milder so I cleaned three rifles and a shotty, got a brown truck of happiness.
Day was good.
The lady that helps me with the bride had to take her to the docs in our towncar 'cause I was too sick and Elle bitched that she drove like shit.
"You made it home without a scratch?" " Yeah". "Don't bitch".
Threw a buncha Lapua .308 brass in the tumbler, gonna load 'em hot with .168 Berger match hpbt at 45gr. of Varget.
We shall see.
Y'all sleep well and have a nice day t'morrow.

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