Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wierd nd...

It was reported that at our club last Sunday a lady shooter had a .22lr fall off of the bench
(36"] and discharged into her upper leg.
She was choppered to the hospital and is going to be be ok.
Has anyone heard of this before??
She is an experienced gunny, coupla witnesses, RO was present, WTF?
I have seen .22 rimfire ammo abused and thrown around but never gone off on a drop,  ever.


  1. Too few facts to make a good call. A single falling .22 cartridge has, in my opinion, too little energy to set off the primer. Not only that but the cartridge is extremely nose heavy and is unlikely to fall primer down. If against all odds this did happen, the bullet or the casing will not have enough velocity to cause more than a minor flesh wound. Someone is not telling the truth about what happened.

    - OldCommander1911