Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update to train trip...

The doc in N.O., LA is booked.
So until he reviews the cd  of her catscan and we get a cardiologist to ok anesthesiology  we are on hold.

In other news, I snuck out to the range with the long guns and tried some workups in .308 Bergers.
I had installed a 4" sunshade onto a Simmons 6-20x50 scope and it helped a lot.
On the Savage 10 I dialed the trigger down to about three pounds and without coffee, and a different breath hold I was able to clover leaf five in five groups.

The weather is nice, my grandson has borrowed my truck for 'awhile', I am stuck with the towncar ( wait till shooting buddy sees me picking him up in that), we are still prepping some monetary reserves, essentials, ammo, and having my lawyer draw up some stuff.
Y'all have a nice day,y'hear.


  1. Is it a "real" towncar? That's an awesome road-ride with a trunk that will hold numerous bodies! :-)

  2. Also sorry to hear about the delay, that sucks.

  3. Damn delays... Those are, I think, more nerve wracking that the actual surgery...

  4. Yeah, it is at 4.8cm and they say 5 is dangerous.
    If it bursts, she will bleed out before I can help her ( three minutes).
    So, we wanna get it fixed kinda.
    She is a hell of a broad that I have loved and backed up for a long time, and she has mine too, in her way.
    Like I told the preacher, "In sickness and health". Like my 'other oath'.