Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update to the update....sigh

As it has transpired that our insurance is not the same as what the surgeon in New Orleans accepts, we are heading back to San Francisco.
Next week we see the cardiologist and then try to squeeze into the docs schedule.
Last trip up there we spent a grand for a pos Holiday Inn for a meeting lasting an hour.
This time I'm booking the Hilton downtown, fuck Soma.

As for gun stuff, I loaded a hundred trap shells for Sundays pot shoot.
AA hulls, 209 primers, 17.4 gr of Red Dot, 1-1/8oz of 7.5.
Not hot, but I know the lead at 40-50 yards.
I've won a few bucks at this but my biggest problem is putting myself out by shooting too soon at a chipped bird or other brain farts.
(When in doubt, DON'T pull the trigger). I know that, you know that, but do we listen?

Go buy NFOs and Brigits and Peters, and Markos books.
I would write one, 'cept my crayons melted...sigh.


  1. Oh jeeze, I know UCSF has good cardio but I just can't stand the place anymore after living out in Free California... BUIt Good Luck and our prayers!

  2. Well, that news just sucks... Sorry to hear it, and hope things get worked out. Thanks for the link!