Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rifle shootin'

Last weekend I got a rare chance to load up a few long guns and hit the range.
Took the Leopold off of the AR and mounted a Primary Arms red dot. Battery dead, and spare batts at home, figgers.
Scope back on the Savage 10, bull barrel .308 and rezeroed I started out with 168gr hpbt Sierras over 43gr of Varget set at 2.80 OAL. At 100yds it was not pretty, maybe 2".
Went to 168gr Berger VLDs, maybe 1.5", still not good.
No wind, 65 degrees, 40% humidity, good shootin' weather.
Found a baggie of about fifty 175gr Bergers in the bottom of the range bag, barrel was warm, scope and mounts were tight, lessee.
First five went into the 1" dot.
Next five clover leafed.
Only one flyer (3/4") out of twenty five rounds.
Quit while your ahead son.

The AR with a stock trigger group was minute of chest area at 100yds, from a sandbag.
Offhand, with two cups of black coffee in me, it was lucky to keep 'em all on the berm...sigh.
All together it was a nice trip.


  1. Yeah, coffee is NOT our friend anymore... sigh

  2. Yeah, coffee is NOT our friend anymore... sigh

  3. Sounds like you found the .308 formula withn those 175-grainers!