Saturday, December 5, 2015

Range day- pistols

Had a good day at Lemoore Sportsmens Club .
 After the board meeting I went to the 25yd walk-up range with a few pistols and 100 rounds for each.
Left to right; S&W 686, my grandfathers S&W .38spl, Ruger Mklll, Kimber Gold Match, CZ P-75.
Grandpa's gun is tight and if you bury all but the tip of the front sight in the groove is very accurate.
First rounds through it in fifteen years.
The Ruger will only eat CCI...sigh.
The Kimber is my winter carry and the CZ is for under a t-shirt in a Fugly from Dennis at
A few mags,
Altogether it was a nice day.

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