Friday, March 25, 2016

At the range

Nice and sunny, 70 and no wind.
I had the 50yd walk-up to myself for awhile and got in some move 'n shooting, from the draw, and rapid fire.
Did OK. Point shooting could use some work as does drawing from a iwb under a cover.
Shot 200 of 9, 200 of .45acp, 100 .357mag, and 100 from the AR.

A guy and his wife showed up with a off brand POS 9 and a wanna be Colt 45.
They had safety down OK but knew nothing about their guns. Out of the boxes, never stripped, never cleaned or oiled, they had problems.
He had the cylinder out of the .45 and did not know how to put it back, the 9 had the worst trigger I have ever felt, at least twelve pounds of gritty long pull, and would fail to eject every other round.
I pulled the slide and oiled it a little and it helped but not much. Door stop.
They shot mine and she told him "I want a Kimber, NOW!".

After they left a group of guys showed up with a couple of pistols and it looked like they had a new shooter with them.
Nice bunch and they were starting him out on the 4 rules and range rules OK.
After awhile I asked him over and found out he is visiting from where Great Briton used to be.
I handed him my Gold Match and two mags and we walked up to the ten yard marker.
Made him load it, rack it, safety it, and hold low ready.
When I said "GO" he put 8 in the black, fumbled the reload, and put 8 more in the black.
Love that new shooter smile.
After 2 cylinders of hot .357 reloads he asked if I would show him how the rifle worked.
After going over the controls and explaining both eyes open with the red dot we walked up to the 25 marker and let him go through three mags.
As I was picking up my stuff he came over to thank me and I said "Welcome to America son".
Was a good

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  1. Nice work introducing the Brit to Gun Culture! :-)