Saturday, May 13, 2017


Ya know, when a a guy like me gets to around three score and a lotta change we tend to see the end of the road a little clearer.
Better get yer shit together my lawyer and doc tell me.
About the only thing I really regret would be if I go down before she does.
I have been her caretaker/bud/hand holder for almost eight years now and I worry what will happen to her if I go first.

Must renew my CCW next month.
1. $52 to the state, up again from last time.
2. $35 to the city, up again.
3. Retake a class that I teach.
4. All this for a two year license.

Diesel tax has gone up $.20 a gal.
2018 I will have to sign a bunch of forms and pay more tax to buy ammo for guns that are outlawed.

I think I'll become an outlaw

So far, I'm doing ok in spite of smoking for 62 years and whisky for the first 58 of those.
Five years in service, 50 in construction, thirty shooting without earpro, I can barely hear.
Can't see the front sights anymore, had to change everything to atomic doodads.
Hands are still steady though. A ground squirrel at 500 yards blows up just fine.

All in all I can't bitch. Had a good life.
Worked in the trades from a shovel to CEO.
Married way over my head to good ladies. Lost the first one after 30+ years to a bad heart and have had 20 fun years with the Bride.

Looking back at the shit I've done from racing to scuba to flying to getting shot at, It's not been boring.

Still wish I was an outlaw in Texas though.

Y'all have a nice day tomorrow and call your mom...even if she's gone.



  1. Becoming a Texas outlaw is more and more appealing. When California does everything possible to make everyone an outlaw, it cheapens the outlaw status.

  2. Yes, sir, you pretty much nailed it... sigh