Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Some of my reloads

9mm- 5.3gr Unique under 124 GDHP.
.38 spl- 4gr Unique under 148gr jhp.
.357mag- 13.3gr 2400 under 158grXTP.
.45acp- 6.5 gr Unique under 200gr XTP.
.223/5.56- 25gr Varget under Hornady 52gr hpbt.
7mm Mauser- 36gr Varget under 139gr Hornady sst.
8mm Mauser- 48gr Varget under 150gr.
.308 Win.- 42gr Varget under 168gr Berger Match VLD.

12ga shotshells for trap- 18gr Reddot in AA Super Sport (grey) hulls under Claybuster cups under 1-1/8oz of 71/2.

Of course YMMV.
Y'all have a great day an' maybe take a kid shootin'.

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