Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Rifle problems

After the last range trip to rezero, after scope mount changes, the Accutrigger on the Savage 10 decided to take a holiday.
Locked up, would not move, acted like a dimocrat.
This was the second time, and last time, for this trigger.
I'm having my smith chuck it for a Timney.

Cased the Savage and set up an AR.
It has a Geissele trigger.
Supposed to be a good trigger, right? Not so much.
One mag went fine. Second mag, on slow, even, squeeze went off like a subgun. Two, maybe three rounds on one pull and then locked up the BCG tighter than a drum.

My other ARs' have Timneys' and work just fine, thank you.
I finished the day with a Savage 12 with the Accutrigger and it works just fine. Go figger.

Next trip is pistols. I know they all work..heh.

Take a newbe shootin'.


  1. That AR is now a machine gun... You need to get that FIXED ASAP!

  2. It is at the smif as we speak.