Saturday, June 16, 2018

To the coast

101degrees at the hooch yesterday, and the bug guy said "ya gotta leave for 4 hours".
Sounded like a nice excuse to drive over to the coast for the day.
Went through a few tasting rooms in the wine country, around Paso Robles. Nothing clicked, not a big wine snob.
As soon as you drop over the coastal range the temp drops 50 degrees into an overcast sky.

Turned north at scenic highway 1, up to a little past Hearst Castle to watch Elephant Seals lay around like the rest of the Kali bums..heh.
Went back through Cambria, a little yuppy town full of Birkenstock people and Prius'.
I don't think they approved of my F-250 diesel, NRA hat, and gun club t-shirt. Oh well.
Nice little trip and the ants are gone. Win,win.

Take a kid, or newbe shootin'. 


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  2. I lived in Cambria for 11 years. In SLO County for 30+ years. Cambria is the weirdest town I've ever lived in but your take on the town is misplaced. Yes, lots of artsy fartsy types but a lot more Christian conservative and retired folk.

    It's just that on your less than one day tourist visit you did not stray off the usual tourist trail.

  3. You are correct. My second time there. One dinner and one lunch. Not much time to meet 'n greet.

  4. Yep, daughter, hubby, and kids took off for Ft. Bragg Friday after work. Going to try to cool off and let the dog play in the surf. :-)

  5. Don't miss the Cali hot at all! It has been around 70-80 here (which has the natives complaining about the heat) lol they have no idea.